The Working Group on Technology, Security and Transparency will focus on advocating access to and the use of technology, enhanced security, and improved transparency for advancing societal wellbeing. It will aim to better understand the impacts that technology, security and transparency can have on each other and on society. The wide-ranging roles and influence held by CSOs can inform and promote effective policy-making that leverages technology, and strengthens security and transparency for better social impacts.

Technology and innovation are drivers of globalization. Technology’s implicit role in society’s prosperity and progress is undeniable. However, over-reliance on technology can lead to detrimental behavior, especially amongst the younger generation. The group will focus on access and affordability of innovative technologies for social impact, and the value CSOs provide towards fostering consistency, accountability, and scale towards technology development and diffusion. The insights from CSOs are vital for building technologies that enable automated decision-making and knowledge aggregation for societal development based on equity and inclusivity. The group will explore the importance of integration of compassion driven outlook on technology enabled innovation strategies.

Security and harmony are often reciprocal in nature whether viewed from an individualistic or community perspective. The working group will explore the concept of security of susceptible communities such as children, women and the disabled; and delve into responsible use of the internet and media.

Transparency, on the other hand, is fundamental to achieving neutrality. Here in, the group will explore pathways to obviate mistrust and misinformation leading to institutional failures; and facilitate transparency through platforms for advocacy, comprehensive assessments, and implementation of regulatory measures. 

The emphasis and approach laid down towards addressing the issues within this working group are expected to further the civil society narrative to long-term holistic solutions for building societies that are technology-empowered, secure, and held accountable by their transparency to their citizens.

India Coordinators: Dr. Krishnashree Achuthan, Amrita University ([email protected]); Dr. Nava Subramaniam, Amrita University, India ([email protected])

International Coordinators: Ms. Alison Richards, Intel ([email protected])