Human Rights are the essence of human life; they are different from (however not exclusive of) all other rights (civil, national, cultural, etc.). Universal Declaration of Human Rights’ 4 principles state that Human rights are universal and inalienable; indivisible; interdependent and interrelated. But still ambiguity is the mark of Human Rights in international arena today. The reason for which UDHR was declared in 1948 still persists, though in a different form. Has the essence of Human Rights been understood by civil society? To reflect on this question and to grasp the true nature of Human Rights, it is important that Human Values be brought to the forefront. This is because values are at the core of being human. Any society understands values as pure/inner/innate ideas, and not foreign or outside impositions. And thus, understanding human rights in the context of human values will help society understand that Human Rights is not an alien or a new concept, rather an inner light that has been guiding the human race perpetually. Rights and values are both the base and structure, interchangeably, which can further help build each other into concrete concepts.

Knowledge about human rights needs to be disseminated among common people and to this end, awareness drives and campaigns need to be relevantly conducted. Attempts should be made to make governmental and non-governmental human rights organizations – at regional, national, and international levels more accountable and transparent. 

The working group would attempt to make efforts to concretize the concept of Human Rights, while ensuring that the concept not become exclusionary in nature. Discussions in this working group will encompass subjects relating to Human Rights and attempt will be made to come up with a policy paper on the issues mentioned above.

India Coordinators: Durganand Jha, Centre for Policy Analysis, Patna, India ([email protected])

International Coordinators: Denise Scotto, International Federation of Women in Legal Careers (FIFCJ), USA ([email protected]); Nitin Sharma, World Organisation of Students and Youth ([email protected])