“Logo of Civil-20 India 2023 released with tagline ‘You are the Light'”

The logo of Civil-20 (C-20), an engagement group of G-20, has been released with the tagline ‘You are the Light’.

By India Today Web Desk: The Civil-20 (C-20), an engagement group of the Group of Twenty or G-20, released its logo and tagline for the 2023 period on Monday. The logo of C-20 has been released with the tagline ‘You are the Light’.

The Civil-20 engagement group takes up issues related to civil society organisations and development. For the next few months, discussions and seminars will be held at different places in India on the same, followed by a summit.

At this summit, a policy document will be issued on the issues of status and development of citizen organisations.

What Civil-20 logo represents?

Civil organisations in India and in other G-20 countries will participate in Civil-20 conferences in India. The logo of Civil-20 depicts a beam of light, which implies that society moves with its autonomous power and creates its own path.

Spiritual leader Mata Amritanandamayi Devi is the Chair of the Civil-20 India 2023.