Civil 20 India 2023

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The C20 Secretariat is responsible for the administrative, financial, and logistical coordination of all tasks. These members are appointed by the SC of the G20 host country. The secretariat responsibility is being given to Rambhau Mhalgi Prabodhini (RMP), India. Registered as a Society in 1982, RMP ( was initiated as a unique leadership development academy with an aim to nurture, impart training and capacity building of elected representatives, social workers, as well as people running institutions, organizations, and start-ups.


Dr. Vinay Sahasrabuddhe

Vice Chairman, RMP

Dr. Swadesh Singh

Sous-Sherpa and Secretariat Incharge

Dr. Pawan Mathur

Coordinator, Research

Dr. Kanica Rakhra

Policy Advisor

Vineet Kashyap

Coordinator, Policy & Partnership

Kamlakant Pathak

Coordinator, Office & Administration

Smriti Yadav

Research Assistant


Coordinator, Branding and Communications

Siddharth Kapoor

Coordinator, Growth and Strategy

Vrinda Khanna

Coordinator, Outreach

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