Composed of international civil society organisations with experience working within the G20, the IAC functions as an advisory body. Its main roles are to advise the SC on strategic decision-making and contribute to disseminating C20 recommendations among key stakeholders to guarantee more visibility. In consultation with the SC, the IAC is responsible for developing a clear advocacy strategy and plan. The IAC provides advice as required and/or makes suggestions and recommendations when deemed necessary. The IAC should work in tandem with the SC, and maintain regular communication with it. The SC and the IAC are part of the institutional structure of the C20 and are composed of civil society organisations with expertise in various areas of C20 engagement, invited by the Chair and Co-Chair based on two major criteria: experience of working at C20/G20 level, and geographic and thematic representation. As stated above, when appointing their representatives to the SC and IAC, participating organisations need to ensure a regional and gender balance, with special attention given to the representation of marginalised and underrepresented groups. To ensure continuity in the IAC and SC, at least two members in each body should stay on from the previous cycle. At the same time the principle of rotation should be applied to both the SC and IAC, with members serving beyond three consecutive years only in exceptional circumstances. Communication must be fluid between Co-chairs, SC and IAC for decision making on strategic and key issues.

Ramu Damodaran

Senior Advisor, University of Peace, United Nations

Naila Chowdhury

Global Advisor, Cure Violence Global & Chairperson, Women 4 Empowerment

Joost Monks

Executive Director, Humanitarian Quality Assurance Initiative, Switzerland

Andy Carmone

Clinton Health Access Initiative, USA

Jyotsna Mohan

Regional Coordinator (Asia), Asian Development Alliance

Binny Buchori

The Prakarsa, Indonesia

Guillermina Alaniz

Director of Global Advocacy & Policy, Aids Healthcare Foundation AHF

Riccardo Moro

Secretary General, LVIA , Italy

Pedro Bocca

Abong, Brazil

Shyam Parande

Global Coordinator, Sewa International, India

Virendra Gupta

President, Indian Council for International Cooperation, India

Dr. Shashi Bala

President, International Council of Cultural Studies, India